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Providing all men with the essentials of

a good skincare routine


Our philosophy?

It is undeniable that men also want to take care of their appearance. However, the problem they encounter is the lack of information. Who to turn to for products that are simple, quality and affordable? It was with the aim of responding to this problem that the Bleu de Peau company was created.

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Our story

In 2016, Quentin creates Bleu de Peau and designs a range of skincare products which are environmentally-friendly, respect men’s skin and based on French expertise.

After months of hardworking, formula developing and new products designing, Bleu de Peau is now ready to rewrite the rules of the men’s cosmetics industry

The new eco-friendly brand is rapidly becoming part of numerous men’s morning routine thanks to a new range of face and beard products available online and in our distributors’ stores all over France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, etc) and abroad.

Today, the range is growing, offering new products with the sole purpose of answering men’s needs.


A brand with strong values

"We want our customers to take control of their consumption, to feel concerned,valued and important, because they really are ! Either men who consume our French cosmetics or women who want to please them by offering an authentic made in France gift, they all have the power to speak, to choose. This is how we lead our lives. »
Since the beginning, Bleu de Peau is committed to the promotion of an alternative choice for men in the great world of cosmetics. Bleu de Peau is a mix and combination of French expertise, ethic commitment, sympathy, advice and pleasure. This state of mind can easily be recognized in these three values we hold dear"

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Bleu de Peau is committed to answering men’s new requirements. Because they are searching for effectiveness, Bleu de Peau proposes high-quality skincare products that are designed for a simple and rapid use.

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We are truly convinced that taking care of yourself should be a pleasure. Hence, we attach particular attention to products design and development, and advice we offer. Our top priority is to provide you the best experience ever.

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Convinced that quality comes from responsible development, we commit to implementing our core values through an ethical approach and every step we take is to achieve this goal. Therefore, we offer products 100% made in France, recyclable, made with organic and natural ingredients and labelled Cosmebio, Ecocert Cosmos Organic certified and are non-tested on animals.

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