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Committed to offering you the best of the Earth.

Our story

Every day children are born around us.... The fragility of their skin and the love they inspire us with, led us to make their first basket: cold soap, bed mist, massage oil... The step towards a respectful cosmetics based on ingredients from the best of nature was quickly taken.

With a long experience as a consultant in the management of human-environmental balance, supported by her son, a chemist, and deeply marked by her dual Franco-Peruvian culture, Ludvina Sanchez, the founder, is laying the first stones.

And PACHAMAMAÏ, the name of the goddess Mother Earth in Quechua, has imposed itself, to keep in mind - and at heart - the generosity of Nature. 

Generosity to which we had to respond, attentive to the preservation of resources, to valuing the work of the communities that cultivate its treasures, and to respecting the life of every Earthling, whether plant, animal or human.


Generosity that we had to listen to, and extend by passing on the gift of the ancestors: the knowledge of traditional plants and the love of nature.


At PACHAMAMAÏ, it is the combination of this ancestral knowledge and formulations that care about our environment, more qualitative, more innovative, that ensures your cosmetics these treasures of benefits: find your skin, reconnect with your senses.

Today, PACHAMAMAI is a green team, of passionate people who are committed to offering you the best of the Earth.


Our values

Respect for people and their environment.

Enhancement of local know-how and the environment.
Innovation and equity.

Our soaps and cosmetics are handcrafted in France.

Our innovative formulations preserve the active ingredients of the raw materials as well as possible, in particular thanks to cold working.

The ingredients are rigorously selected for their quality and exceptional natural properties, the ultimate objective being the use of a maximum of ingredients meeting two inseparable criteria: a biological origin and a consideration of strong ethical values combining economic, social and environmental commitments

In collaboration with NGOs or local structures identified and supervised by the Man & Nature programme, we are also developing a progressive ethical sourcing approach. Thus, since the beginning of our history, we have been able to use in our formulations several selected ingredients coming directly from producing communities committed to the conservation of biodiversity.

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