All-natural herbal scalp remedy inspired by traditional Thai wisdom 


  • Sustains thicker, stronger, longer-lasting hair 
  • Promotes nutrient flow to the scalp for easier growth of healthy new hair
  • Nourishing vitamins, fatty acids and minerals re-balances scalp environment for optimal hair growth 
  • Reduces hair fall and retains moisture for stronger, breakage-resistant hair
  • Natural antioxidants prevents dryness and flakiness by cleansing bacteria and chemical residue
  • Restores and sustains scalp health: reduces dandruff, itchiness, irritation and inflammation 


30 ml

Sudtana - Revitalizing Roots & Scalp Treatment



    Strengthens weakened and malnourished scalps damaged by years of over-processing and chemical exposure


    From hair fall to hair growth: improved blood circulation properly nourishes hair follicles for fuller, denser growth


    Soothing vitamins and minerals gently nurses and repairs your scalp and roots back to health for a cleaner, less oily look and feel 


    Natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties treats infections, dandruff, and lice


    Long-lasting hydration prevents dryness, flakiness, and itchiness


    FREE from chemicals, preservatives and synthetically made fragrances commonly found in over-the-counter hair masks


    100% pure and organic ingredients for healthy, natural, beautiful hair


    Ethically sourced from local organic farmers at a fair price to give their families and communities a better quality of life