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Beauty is staying grounded and attuned with nature


Our beauty philosophy is founded upon the notion of being kind and authentic to ourselves as well as others. We believe that a happy and healthy soul reflects on the outside, unveiling a natural glow that truly radiates from within.

Our story

Warm hellos from Thailand 🙏🏼! We are a triad of siblings with a profound quest to inspire people with our shared values — self-empowerment — through what we hold dear as the ‘introspective power of nature’.

So how did SUDTANA start? Our eldest sister, Mew, brought her curiosity about our grandfather’s ancient Thai herbal remedies to MIT, where she explored how to scientifically enhance what used to be our family’s modest practice. From then onwards, we have embarked on a remarkable journey -  balancing modern science with generations of ancient wisdom.

Today, we continue to keep this precious tradition alive while embracing it with an all-new mission: empowering people through a transformative journey towards self-discovery - a slow but steady process that is all about being kind to ourselves and learning the ways of wholeness. This ambition drives our commitments and morals every day, reflecting in a line of organic self-care products that are gentle to the body, soul, collective, as well as Mother Earth.

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The Sudtana method

Sudtana was born with the inherited herbal wisdom of our grandfather, the village doctor, and the mission to share honest sustainable and ethical products made mainly from ingredients and herbs natively found in Thailand and South East Asia that have been scientifically proven. By meticulously controlling every step of the product process - from ethical raw material sourcing, natural extraction to small-scale manufacturing - we are proud to say that our products are 100% natural, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly. A process we are proud of and call the Sudtana Method. 


The Sudtana Method directly helps and incentivizes small farmholders and growers to use organic farming methods - while maximizing product quality and efficacy for our users by using only organically grown 100% natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to work their purpose.